My Wife — Fan Of… #68

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This week’s Fan Of… is my awesome wife, Susan. Susan and I have just celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary, which also marks our 23rd year together. Susan is my soul mate in every sense; we both have the same outlook on life & how to live in this crazy world.

Susan & Jez

Susan is an aspiring author in the romantic suspense genre, & like me, hosts a weekly challenge, Genre Scribes. For all you writing lovers out there, this is a challenge where Susan publishes a word for the week & this has to be fitted in a fictional scenario of 500ish words. One great thing that has come out of this is a series of posts, by Susan, following Amy & Kelvin; so if you are a Fan Of… romance, passion, conflict & a high body count, check back regularly to see how they are battling the world πŸ˜ƒ

Susan at Peterhead on a windy day
Susan at Peterhead on a windy day

Susan also encourages my love of photography, & buys me awesome camera stuff; check back week for my next Fan Of… post. She fully understands that going for a walk with me & Snappy, means an average pace of about 1 mile per hour, & that every thing is photographable.

Susan & Jez at Peterhead
Susan & Jez at Peterhead

Not least, Susan saw me through a collapsed lung & broken leg, all in the space of 6 months. It was Susan that encouraged me to start up my photography blog on wordpress whilst convalescing, & I’ve not looked back since.

Thanks, Sweetie, for 23 fantastic years, with many more to come πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

One of our favourite songs — Josh

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Have a great week 😁

30 thoughts on “My Wife — Fan Of… #68

  1. what a lovely lovely post. Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you managed to do something rather special on the day xx

  2. Yes yes yes….I am a fan of Susans writing as well. So glad you two like Pearl Jam too. I was going to ask what was your song

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