High Flying Peacock

Hi all 😁 Here’s my entry for Mind Over Memory’s Saturday Sculpture challenge.

This sculpture of a peacock stands over the Buchanan Street entrance to Princes Square in Glasgow.

Peacock sculpture
Peacock sculpture

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54: Detail — The Glenlee

Hi all, and here we are with another weekly challenge. A big thanks to Patti for this week’s challenge: Detail — and of course her fantastic pictures from Italy 😁.

My immediate thoughts were to go with close-ups, showing the detail of objects. But, taking my lead from Patti, I thought back to my visit to the Glenlee.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Unique

Hi all, and thanks to Amy for this week’s challenge — Unique — and thanks also for your images of the temple. I thought long and hard about what it means to be unique until I turned my attention to nature and soon realised that unique is everywhere. My entry for this weeks challenge doesn’t stop on one particular thing, but I guess you could say is a celebration of the vast variety of “uniqueness” out there (and yes, I do like galleries).

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Trees

Hi all, this is my first time posting for the photo challenge. I thought I’d start off with one that’s quite straight forward so opted for this week’s one entitled Trees. I often find that although not always the subject of a particular photo, they can form a very useful, natural picture frame (as seen in some of my pictures).

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Glasgow Botanic Gardens: Kibble Palace Pt 2

So here we are, No 3 in the Botanic Garden Series; following on from the Buildings and Grounds and Kibble Palace Pt 1. We now go into the main area, the largest of the Palace glass houses. The main glass house is an impressive building when seen from without and within, and has an exotic array of colourful flowers and ferns.

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Glasgow Botanic Gardens: Kibble Palace Pt 1

This post follows on from my last about the buildings and grounds and is about Kibble Palace and the plants contained therein. I will separate Kibble Palace into two posts: this one about the entrance area, the South Wing, and the North Wing. The next one will be about the main display hall.

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Glasgow Botanic Gardens: Buildings and Grounds

Glasgow Botanic Gardens are well worth a visit, particularly if you like taking your camera for a day out. The variety of plant life within the glasshouses and outwith is fantastic. The only downside is that you can easily come away with a couple of hundred photos which are then hard to sift through. I definitely have way too many images for one blog so will share them over 2 or 3. This first blog covers the buildings and grounds themselves; the next post will go inside the Kibble Palace.

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