Mon the Bee 🐝

Just to clarify; the bee isn’t called Mon. Mon is the scots abreviation for Come On. I was out for a walk when I saw some wild roses alongside the path; most of the flowers have gone now, but there were still a few blooms left. I went to get a closer look at this particular flower and saw that a large bee had taken up residence in the middle of it. Whilst he was busy collecting what he could, he was getting constantly hassled by a couple of hover flies that wanted in on the action; but he wasn’t budging, mon the bee 😁.

Bird of the Day Aug 24 — Pigeon Out For a Walk

I was walking up the path near my house when this guy wandered out from the undergrowth. He looked at me and then just started walking up the path ahead of me. He kept looking round to see where I was and when he finally realised I was going the same way, flew up into a tree.

Pigeon out for a walk by Jez Braithwaite
Pigeon out for a walk