Dandelion — FOTD Aug 05

Hi all 😃 A cheerful dandelion for Cee’s FOTD.


Cumbernauld House Park Part 2: The Park

Following on from Part 1: The House, this post is about Cumbernauld House Park itself and some of it’s surrounds. Great for a quick walk in all weathers or spending more time in the sun.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Trees

Hi all, this is my first time posting for the photo challenge. I thought I’d start off with one that’s quite straight forward so opted for this week’s one entitled Trees. I often find that although not always the subject of a particular photo, they can form a very useful, natural picture frame (as seen in some of my pictures).

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Cumbernauld House Park Part 1: The Castle and House

One of the great places to visit in Cumbernauld is Cumbernauld House Park. My wife and I are regular visitors to the park, which is popular with many locals with or without dogs. The park is steeped in history and covers an extensive area, hence the three posts. This first deals with the original castle and the house. The second will be of the park itself and scenery, and the third, the Glen.

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Even More Flowers In Cumbernauld

I think I need to start wearing blinkers when out and about in Cumbernauld (only kidding – I would miss all there was to see) as all my walks take far longer than intended. I was out for a bimble with my wife to Cumbernauld House Park, specifically to get some photos of an info board within the park for a blog I was preparing, and some pictures of all the rhododendrums. On the way there, and back, I kept on stopping to photo the various flowers I came across. I was going to say that this was much to my wife’s annoyance, but she’s as bad as me; if I hadn’t spotted something, I was soon alerted by “ooh pretty”.

This is my third post about Flowers in Cumbernauld: Flowers In Cumbernauld and More Flowers in Cumbernauld being the previous two. I am sure that there will be more posts to come as there seem to be colourful surprises each time I step outside the front door.

The following four photos are probably my favourites of the day. A resident living in a house that backs on to a local lane has planted a rose next to the path so that anyone passing by can enjoy it — thank you whomever you are for brightening all our lives with this simple act.


Cumbernauld Flower Series:

Post 1 – Flowers in Cumbernauld

Post 2 – More Flowers in Cumbernauld

More Flowers in Cumbernauld

I was on my way back from the early shift this morning by a slightly different route and saw some more splashes of colour to add to my previous post Flowers in Cumbernauld. It was quite windy, so trying to get close-ups was problematic. Still, a bit of colour to brighten the day never goes amiss.


Baby Squirrel: Meet the Youngest Recruit

As our squirrel army grows, we are used to seeing them of all shapes and sizes in the garden. You can pretty much be assured of looking out of the window at any time of the day and seeing one of the fuzzy little troopers. Most of our visitors are of a reasonable size–as shown in the first 2 photos–and we sometimes think that the fence won’t be standing for that much longer 😂

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Broadwood Loch Birdlife

Went for a day out to Broadwood Loch on the outskirts of Cumbernauld, Scotland. Looked like we might get wet, but fortunately dodged the showers and I was able to get these photos.

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