Wow, That’s A Lot

A couple of years ago, I took photos whilst travelling & posted them to Google Maps as a Local Guide. I also added places of historical interest & other missed places, like the Car Park at the end of Loch Long, along with photos.

I had all but forgotten about the pics I’d posted until this e-mail arrived today in my inbox.

Local Guides views
Local Guides views

Now that my wife & I have started travelling again on our bikes, I’m going to restart my local guides posting, biased towards cycling; ease of getting to, bike parking etc 😁

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54: Detail — The Glenlee

Hi all, and here we are with another weekly challenge. A big thanks to Patti for this week’s challenge: Detail — and of course her fantastic pictures from Italy 😁.

My immediate thoughts were to go with close-ups, showing the detail of objects. But, taking my lead from Patti, I thought back to my visit to the Glenlee.

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Lens-Artists Weekly Challenge — Serenity

A big thanks to Tina for this week’s challenge — Serenity, and also for her “most tranquil” photos (yep, it’s a Bill and Ted reference πŸ€ͺ). My thoughts on serenity are places that I’ve visited that bring a sense of calm in what can be an otherwise chaotic existence; places that take the mind elsewhere, be it to a different location or a cherished memory.

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Cumbernauld House Park Part 1: The Castle and House

One of the great places to visit in Cumbernauld is Cumbernauld House Park. My wife and I are regular visitors to the park, which is popular with many locals with or without dogs. The park is steeped in history and covers an extensive area, hence the three posts. This first deals with the original castle and the house. The second will be of the park itself and scenery, and the third, the Glen.

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