Autumnal Beauty and Skwurrels — LAPC #106

Hi all 😃 Here’s my entry to this weeks autumn challenge, set Patti.

Autumn can be dreich & windy, but often come around those days where the world seems to have been washed clean; the skies are bluer, the colours more vibrant. The shadows lengthen, bringing greater contrast to the view & a smattering of skwurrels 😃

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Baby Squirrel: Meet the Youngest Recruit

As our squirrel army grows, we are used to seeing them of all shapes and sizes in the garden. You can pretty much be assured of looking out of the window at any time of the day and seeing one of the fuzzy little troopers. Most of our visitors are of a reasonable size–as shown in the first 2 photos–and we sometimes think that the fence won’t be standing for that much longer 😂

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