It’s Negative πŸŽ‰ — Covid 19 Test Update

Hi all πŸ˜ƒ Just a quick update message!

After a somewhat tense 36 hour wait, we finally got our results through & thankfully both were negative — yay us 😁

We thought that would be the end of it & life would resume as normal, or what has become the new normal. However we’re both still running temperatures, although Susan’s showing signs that her temp is returning to normal. Mine, however, remains stubbornly 1.5-2℃ above normal. I have to wait till my temp returns to normal levels & stays that way for 48 hours before I can head back to work.

A huge thank you from us both for all your thoughts & best wishes, they made one hell of a difference πŸ˜ƒ A massive virtual hug from both of us 😘

The Waiting Begins — Covid 19 Test

Hi all πŸ˜ƒ Just a quick message!

My wife, Susan, hadn’t been feeling 100% for a couple of days (98% in her own words) & started to get a bit of a niggle in her throat today; so we started monitoring her temperature & found it was about 1.5℃ up from normal throughout the day πŸ€’. I checked my temperature as well & found I was about 1℃ higher than normal πŸ€’. I’ve also experienced a change in my sense of taste today — all in all, not good 😷

So, we’ve just been down to the local walk-through test centre in Cumbernauld to get tests done & are now isolating & awaiting the results, hopefully within 48-72 hours 😩. Fingers & toes crossed that this is just us being a bit under the weather 🀞

A Huge Thank You πŸ™

As I continue to recover from my appendectomy, & dip my toes back into WordPress, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all you awesome folk out there sending their best wishes my way.

I had hoped to be back up & running on WordPress earlier. However, my body had a different idea; it would seem that recovering from an operation takes a lot more brain power than I had anticipated & quelled the creative spirit.

I must be getting back to normalcy now & I have my weekly Fan Of… & Water Water Eveywhere challenges back up & running. I look forward to getting back into photo taking & taking part in all your inspirational challenges. I will get round to all your great comments that have come in over the last few weeks.

Again, a huge thank you & have a great week πŸ˜ƒ

Sporadic Posts

Hi all 😁

With COVID-19 well and truly on the rampage, my own posts and paticipating in challenges will be a bit sporadic at best. I work in retail, and with the craziness going on in shops at the moment, and the possibility of colleagues phoning in sick, I’m pretty slammed with work; photography has to, unfortunately, take a bit of a back seat.

I will endeavour to keep up with all your awesome posts, and join in where I can.

Keep safe,


Lensball carnation
Lensball carnation