Silent Sunday Oct 01

Greenan Tower
Greenan Tower

From California to Scotland — CWWC

Hi all πŸ‘‹ My entry for Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Any Type of Signs.

We start off in Malibu & Santa Monica…

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A Chance Encounter: Grogu Makes a Friend at Tesco

During a recent visit to Tesco, there it wasβ€”another Smart Fortwo, eerily reminiscent of our Grogu.

The sight was like spotting a long-lost twin in a family reunion. As we parked beside it, a silent nod was exchanged between the two cars, acknowledging the special bond they share in this vast automotive universe. It’s always a treat to find another ‘Grogu’ in the wild, reminding us of the delightful community of smart car enthusiasts. Rare as they are, this was the 3rd Smart Fortwo we’d seen in the space of 20 minutes.