Crystal Glow — Tuesday Photo Challenge

Hi all 😁 My entry for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Glow.

For this one I was playing around with my Himalayan rock salt tealight holder in a darkened room. Owing to the varying thickness and chrystaline structure of the holder, each aspect diffuses the flame within differently; the flickering of the flame also alters the intensity of the glow coming through the walls of the holder.

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Fan Of… #24 — Himalayan Rock Salt Tea Light Holder

Hi all 😁 Welcome to today’s Fan Of… Himalayan Rock Salt Tea Light Holder (try saying that quick after a glass of wine 😂). As well as looking great, himalayan salt is known to emit negative ions when warmed, which help purify the air against allergens and pollutants. The opacity of the salt creates a soft glow, and the varied chrystalline structure alters the light levels coming through different parts of the holder.

Have a great day 😁