Pink Hebe and a Hover Fly

HI all 😃 A couple of shots of a hover fly on a pink hebe is my latest Time for Macro post.

Hover fly
Hover fly
Hover fly

A Busy Day At The Hedge

With the sun out, it was another busy day at our hibiscus hedge. It was that busy, the insect life was almost having to form a line at the blossoms. A couple of days ago, it was mostly bees; today, the butterflies got in on the action, sharing the blooms with bees and hoverflies.

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Busy Bees 🐝

We have a large hibiscus hedge bordering one side of our garden which is in full bloom at the moment. The black berry (bramble — depending where you grew up) bush is nearing the end of it’s flowering stage, with the fruits starting to form. Both these are a huge magnet to bees and hover flies.

Hover fly in flight by Jez Braithwaite
Hover Fly