Learning a New Skill — Lens Artists Challenge #125

Hi all 😃 My entry for this weeks challenge, set by Tina: You Pick It.

This was inspired by Lisa Coleman’s latest Bird Weekly — Photo Challenge: Birds in Colour & Mono. In the second picture of her post, there is a slider bar which can be dragged back & forth to change the colour & grey scale aspects of the picture. I was very taken with this but, had no idea how it was done. I decided, for my entry, to use columns to put the colour & the black & white images side by side, but wordpress went into a huff & wouldn’t play along 😩 I ended up doing the images in a stacked format as that was all that was working. Below is an example.

Bushboy to the rescue. Brian, in the comments suggested that I edited the post using the compare function in the block editor.

So here is the newly edited post, using a newly learnt skill, inspired by Lisa & pointed in the right direction by Brian 😃 WordPress is a wonderful place 😊

Muscovy Duck in Palacerigg Country Park

Drake Mallard Duck in Palacerigg Country Park

Magpie in Bellahouston Park

Ravens in Cumbernauld House Park

Briefly Symmetrical — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #116

Hi all 😃 My entry for this weeks challenge, set by Patti: Symmetry.

My first few pic & the header image inspired the title; looking at a chess set ready for a game, the two sides are symmetrical, until the game begins & the symmetry is broken.

Chess set ready for a game
Chess set ready for a game

The board, as well, is symmetrical when viewed on the diagonal axis.

Dice sat a certain way are symmetrical on two faces.

In architecture.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh uses symmetry extensively in the interior of House for an Art Lover.

Vertical & spherical symmetry in Kibble Palace.

Some horizontal symmetry.

…and finally, a bit of floral symmetry from an Iris & some orchids.

Lens-Artists Phot Challenge #114

Hi all 😃 My entry for this weeks LAPC set by Amy.

I’d not come across the concept of negative space, but have a apparently been using it in some of my photography all along.

In Amy’s second pic, she shows a brilliant example of using a wide aperture to blur the background & create negative space around the subject; a technique I am a fan of.

These raindrops (I had to get some in somewhere 😂) on a web were shot against the sky to create an impression of them almost floating in space.

I like to use nagative space to surround monuments & memorials to heighten their impact.

These are soem more instances where I have used negative space to highlight the subject.

Getting close to the action — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #113

Hi all 😃 My entry for this weeks LAPC: Labour of Love, set by Rusha.

With the recent pandemic curtailing travel, I’ve started to take a closer look at things & fallen down the rabbit hole of macro photography. Sometimes it’s just everyday objects that I believe deserve a closer look at the detail. Other times, it’s in response to a challenge, where a closer look can be a different interpretation.

The lengths I go to; who said yoga mats were just for yoga 😂

This new-found enjoyment of macro photography has led to what some may call an obsession, but I like to think of it as a labour of love — raindrops. I’m always looking out the kitchen window at the grass in the back, waiting for the sun to come out after a rain shower, looking for that telltale sparkle. I love the infinite variety in shape & size, different types of rain bring different effects; some magnify the texture of the plant they are on, some act as miniature lensballs & others just glisten in the sun.

I am ever on the hunt for that elusive, crystal clear image!

…and finally, the perfect rainy accompaniment by ELO.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great week 😃

Time For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Hi all 😃 My entry for LAPC #111, set this week by Patti: Everyday Objects.

I drew inspiration from Patti for these first shots. I’ve photographed these 2 skeleton pocket watches before, but always seperately; I think they go well together. I had a bit of fun varying the depth of field but also the point of focus with the two sat side by side.

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The Winter Sun — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #109

Hi all 😃 My entry fro this week’s challenge set by Amy: Under The Sun.

The shadows cast by a winter sun, sat lower in the sky, can add some drama & contrast to many a shot; and even some sparkle, as in the header shot.

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Out Amongst Nature — Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #108

Hi all 😃 my entry for this weeks LAPC, set by Xenia at Tranature: Sanctuary.

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Autumnal Beauty and Skwurrels — LAPC #106

Hi all 😃 Here’s my entry to this weeks autumn challenge, set Patti.

Autumn can be dreich & windy, but often come around those days where the world seems to have been washed clean; the skies are bluer, the colours more vibrant. The shadows lengthen, bringing greater contrast to the view & a smattering of skwurrels 😃

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Above the Bustle — LAPC #102

Hi all 😃 here’s my entry for Patti’s challenge: A Quiet Moment.

These shots were taken 10 years ago when my wife & I were staying in Serra Canyon, Malibu, CA. Not far away is the rush of the Pacific Coast Highway, & the Malibu Country Mart at Cross Creek. As well at the hustle of the shops, seen in some shots is Pepperdine University, packed full of people striving to learn, & nearby the queues of surfers lining up for the perfect wave.

But, above it all is the Serra Hills, all fresh green now, sprouted out from still visible fire damage. Up here it’s quiet & serene, the ocean in the distance, & just the sigh of the wind (& occasional click of the shutter) to accompany you; many a quiet moment above the bustle 😃

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