July 20 — Blue Squares — Pick Up

Hi all & happy Saturday; today’s entry for Becky’s #JulySquares challenge — Blue. Spotted this awesome vintage truck on my way to work one day. Stopped and had a chat with the owner who was happy for me to take some photos. I also took some inspiration from Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge that I have been taking part in over the last few weeks. I’d seen some entries that were black and white with a splash of colour; I really liked the effect so thought I’d have a go 😁 I included the last photo of the interior as well because it was so steampunk!!!

Chevvy 3100
And yes, I deliberately did the tail light πŸ˜‹
Refurbished wooden bed and tool box
Steampunk interior

6 thoughts on “July 20 — Blue Squares — Pick Up

    1. I was so surprised to see the truck and glad the owner was amenable to me taking some photos. I was really pleased at the way the photos turned out, but I’m thinking a graphics tablet may be beneficial; do you have any experience with them πŸ€”?

      1. I don’t use any photo editing tools apart from cropping so cannot really advise, try asking Cee as she is an expert from what I can tell.

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