Soggy Bee

We had a sudden downpour a short while ago, the sort of rain that bounces off the ground so hard that you get wet from below as well as from above. After it had cleared, I noticed this little guy on the path in the back garden. I wasn’t sure if he was plain knackered, or if he was soaked. I made up a solution of sugar water and poured onto the ground next to him, which he quickly started to lick up. I could see that his back and wings were very wet and he was trying to get some sun to dry out. Fortunately the sun was out, and once he was dry and re-charged with sugar water, he was on his buzzy way.

Soggy bee by Jez Braithwaite
Soggy bee
Soggy bee by Jez Braithwaite
Bee drying in the sun
Soggy Bee by Jez Braithwaite
Almost dry and ready for the off 😁

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