Butterflies And A Lot Of Dahlias

Whilst taking some photos of the fantastic floral display, mostly dahlias, around the Declaration Of Arbroath statue in Arbroath, a couple of butterflies kept getting in on the action.

Statue of Declaration of Arbroath

Red Admiral Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

11 thoughts on “Butterflies And A Lot Of Dahlias

    1. Thanks, Russell 😁 My go-to is Snappy, my Canon Rebel T1i, nearly 10 years old and still going strong; paired up with a Sigma 18-300mm zoom lens. My back up is my iPhone SE.

      1. Isn’t it amazing how well these new cell phone cameras perform? I have a Samsung J7 and it does very well. Thanks for the info on the zoom lens. Do you use a tripod with the Sigma? I am rather intimidated by my Vivitar Series 1. I also use a Canon 75-300 that is a bit more user-friendly. lol

      2. I only use a tripod in low light conditions which is very rare. I actually find the camera and lens quite well balance and always try and lock my elbows into my sides for a steadier platform, and control my breathing. I spent 20 years in the military and daft as it sounds, employ the same techniques I used when out on the range for a steadier shooting stance.

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