Is It A Bird or Is It A Plane???

I often rely on Google Images to find out what something I’ve photographed is; I find it particularly useful for identifying plants and wildlife.

Normally, it’s a very useful tool, but that isn’t always the case. I’d photographed some Herons on my recent trip to Arbroath and wanted to get an idea what type they were. The first image is the shot I uploaded to Google Images, the second is the search result 🤣🤣🤣

Great Blue Heron in Flight by Jez Braithwaite at Arbroath Harbour
Great Blue Heron in Flight
Google Images output

Have a great day 😁

6 thoughts on “Is It A Bird or Is It A Plane???

  1. It looks like you have no idea about birds Jez….anyone could see that was a Globemaster 111
    I just didn’t know it was a C-17 either. I am convinced the google knows everything and this just proves it. Perhaps they thought it was an American Heron of some sort 😀 😀

Great to hear your thoughts 😃