Fan Of… #35 and AOTD — Squirrels

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Hi all 😁 This week’s Fan Of… Squirrels. We have a couple of squirrel feeding boxes in the back garden which these fluffy little critters visit on a regular basis. Some of the braver ones will come right up to the window to get a peanut; it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re being watched, to turn round and see a fuzzy face peering in at the window.

This is also my entry for the Animal of the Day Challenge run by Betty Louise.

I’m going to post a squirrel a day pic through October, so keep an eye out for more fluffy cuteness.

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Have a great week 😁

29 thoughts on “Fan Of… #35 and AOTD — Squirrels

  1. I love this skwurrel. Does he have a name? I hope he does. We name our squirrels once we can recognize them. The only problem is when they stop coming to get food from the bottom of our bird feeder.

  2. I loved the challenge you are running- fan of … the possibilities are immense although squirrels never came to my mind. Anyway here they are and they look very fine . Super clicks Jez!

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