Just Hanging Around — Squirreltober Day 13

Squirrel by Jez Braithwaite
Just hanging around

12 thoughts on “Just Hanging Around — Squirreltober Day 13

  1. Great photograph, Jez! You can be counted on to post remarkable images every day. Such consistency combined with real talent makes you an awesome photographer. Thank you! Russell BTW – I have a squirrel story. Back in the heart of Springtime, I saw a squirrel in our backyard. There’s a door in the kitchen that opens up to the backyard. A few days ago, I spied a squirrel from this spot. I sauntered upstairs. Changed the lens to a zoom, tip-toed back downstairs and availed myself of some great shots. This was remarkable because I knew my subject very well. Months ago, he appeared in the backyard in a terrible state of disrepair. Besides being very difficult to pick up, I was able to tell it a few days ago that he was no where close to dying. This terrible injury on his front haunches had healed to a remarkable degree. Not to mention the poor thing’s face, which was obscured previously by a sun-hat. Some vicious predator took a chunk out of him.

    1. So glad that he’s healing well, Russell 😁 They do seem to be quite resilient little critters. Just so you know, my friend, I’m back at work full time so I’m not as active with blogging at the mo; but I will endeavour to keep up with your posts when I can.

      1. Congratulations on your return to work, Jez. I am very happy for you. I miss working quite a bit. Ha! Your joy will be our sorrow because your photography is both inspired and inspiring. Everything good art is supposed to be, even great art. I will always admire your work. Please don’t be a stranger! Russell

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