Heather-ask — Animals in Scots #6

Hi all 😁 Today’s Animal in Scots is the Heather-ask (Lizard); also known as a man-keeper, or a dirdie-lochrag in Caithness.

Heather-ask by Jez Braithwaite
Heather-ask — Lizard

All the Scots words for these posts are taken from The Concise English-Scots Dictionary, by the Scottish National Dictionary Association. The words chosen will be the generally accepted term, but as in all languages there are regional variations, as well as sub-species variations. For example, an owl is generally known as a hoolet in Scots, but an ool in Shetland & the NE. A barn owl is a white hoolet & a long eared owl, a hornnie hoolet.

Hae a guid day 😁

8 thoughts on “Heather-ask — Animals in Scots #6

      1. Haha. Well, I have not seen CA. I know in the southeast they are small smooth and green or brown depending on what they are sitting on. Shows my very limited knowledge.

  1. I love dirdy lochrat (I probably understand it wrong but with my English and German knowledge mixed together, it could be a “dirty hole rat” — now that’s a wonderful fourletter word! “No, sir, I didn’t insult you, I only compared you to a wee Scottish beastie…!” 😀 And you have an impressive specimen there. I like the shadow of the claws on the blanket.

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