Favourite Pics — Sunday Stills

Hi all 😁 These are my favourite pics for Terri’s Sunday Stills: Favourite Photo.

When Terri posted this challenge, I knew straight away the pics I would choose as my favourites, the reasons why, and where in my archives they were; so here goes.

My first wildlife shot with my new DSLR.

Lizard in Malibu by Jez Braithwaite
Lizard in Malibu

The start of a snow storm and in the snowstorm.

This next one, I just like it!

I was out playing with a six point star filter and liked the way this turned out.

The lighting for this one was tricky, it being shot in Kibble Palace glasshouse on a bright day; but I was happy with the end result.

I love the curious goose in this next shot, and the stampede of goslings in the second.

A totie wee skwurrel visitor in the back garden, what’s not to like!

Raindrops on a feather; starting to get the hang of macro photography.

Heard this guy coming and managed to turn in time and get a shot of him.

This one is my all time favourite. Having looked at the forecasts ahead of time, I was up early on holiday to try and get a decent sunrise. Just a s the sun crested the clouds, the fishing boat came out of the harbour with attendant seagulls to add to the shot.

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