Sven and Slugz — Cees Black and White Photo Challenge

Hi all 😁 My entry for CB&W Photo Challenge: All Sorts of Pets, Living to Stuff Animals to Pet Rocks.

Meet Sven and Slugz, they have been with my wife and I for as long as we have been together (over 22 years) and pretty much go everywhere with us. Slugz used to travel with me whilst I was in the Navy and is better travelled than a lot of people I know; he’s been to the Baltic, through the Mediterranean numerous times, to the Gulf and both East and West Africa. He’s sailed round Cape Horn, been through the Panama Canal and visited Florida, as well as done much travelling around Scotland.


Sven looking out the window at Lieth Harbour…

… whilst Slugz chills on the sofa!

Sven catching up with a relative in the Antartic…

… whilst Slugz feels the cold 😂

11 thoughts on “Sven and Slugz — Cees Black and White Photo Challenge

  1. I love them both. I have a small frog that has been to China twice, Chile , Argentina, Peru, Australia, Italy, and England. He once went on an unplanned airplane journey in my suitcase to the Arctic circle when I had stopped in the Yukon in Yellowknife.

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