Reflecting Windows — City Relections #6 — LPM – Photo Adventure/Monday Window

Hi all 😁 Staying in Glasgow with more reflections for LPM’s Reflections Challenge and Ludvig’s Monday Window.

This picture is somewhat chaotic and so requires some explanation. On Buchanan Street in Glasgow is the Allsaints Spitalfields store which has large glass windows on the front and side; what is unique is that the windows are filled with old singer sewing machines (see below). Even in this shot you can see the reflection of the buildings lining Royal Bank Place.

Allsaints shop window

The next shot was taken looking back towards Buchanan Street; there are reflections of Buchanan Street, and Royal Bank Place, and yes that is a Doctor Who Tardis!

Allsaints shop window by Jez Braithwaite
Allsaints shop window

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      1. Ahh maybe that is it . . my Mum had one but it was set inn a table with foot /tread-wheel so I am probably confusing the extra sections with the actual size of the machine

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