Carnations — FOTD Apr 15

Hi all 😁 here’s my latest entry for Cee’s FOTD.

What’s with all the carnations you may ask… Well, with lockdown ongoing, there isn’t much chance to get out and get some flower pics to top up my collection from my last trip to the Botanic Gardens; that and the fact we’re still waiting for my usual flower spots to come into bloom. We’ve been buying flowers recently to brighten up the house a bit, particularly as my poor wife, Susan, is stuck inside on her own for much of the day, with me at work. With that in mind, whilst doing the weekly shop, we get some flowers, usually with plenty of life in them, and carnations fit the bill; that & the fact that they don’t break the bank 😃


So here we are, lots of pictures of carnations as they bloom, for the foreseeable future 😊


8 thoughts on “Carnations — FOTD Apr 15

    1. Very true; I’m getting 2-3 weeks out of them. They do teach patience as well, as some of them take so long to bloom 😂 They take a “blooming” long time 🤣

  1. Lovely carnations 🙂 I’m waiting for the flowers in the garden to start blooming although I do have some in the archives.

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