Meet Godfrey — On the Hunt for Joy Challenge #23

Hi all 😁 My entry for Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Put something cute on your desk.

This is Godfrey, he is the physical manifestation of my inner chimp. The inner chimp is the emotional core of the brain (you know, the one that makes you do silly things, but you don’t know why). He’s great for allowing me to understand wants & needs, & what motivates me; as well as being a reminder to let him have fun. If you are interested in a much better explanation of neuro psychology, this is a fun read ☞ The Chimp Paradox.


7 thoughts on “Meet Godfrey — On the Hunt for Joy Challenge #23

      1. Yes I understand that. I have a small frog called Ching Wa who accompanied me on my first trip to China and many other places since. But now he does not like to travel alone so a little horse stuffie called George has to come too.

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