Controversy — Fan Of… #75

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This week’s Fan Of… is controversy, in the form of Marmite Rice Cakes.

Marmite rice cakes
Marmite rice cakes

Marmite, which is similar to vegemite & yeast extract, is one of those things that you either love or hate; I have yet to come across anyone who says “marmite’s ok I suppose”. You have folk like me who love the stuff, and then everyone else who’re very vociferous in their dislike of the black gooey stuff 😂 Reactions range from “yuch”, through “you couldn’t pay me enough”, and on to other statements that are not printable 🤣




Om nom 😋


Where's the packet?
Where’s the packet?

…and the accompanying song this week is…

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12 thoughts on “Controversy — Fan Of… #75

  1. I am amazed about how Marmite supports such strong feelings! And now, Marmite Rice cakes …. yummy?

    Love your Stormtrooper plate; and the Prince song. I feel very retro this morning!

  2. Well, Jez, I hadn’t had marmite for years but since starting a plant-based diet, have returned to it as a good source of B12. No day passes without a blackened knife.

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