Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112 — Pick a Word…

Hi all 😃 My entry for this weeks LAPC: Pick a Word set by Leya.

I’ve gone with the word comfortable, and in this case footwear.

My wife & I, almost 10 years ago, made the decision to live our lives without a car. This was for many different reasons; not least environmental, economic, & health. We, therefore, go everywhere on foot where possible. Obviously, travel involves public transport, but once at our destination, it’s back to good old fashioned (& free) foot power.

Even our weekly shopping trips are on foot, with the aid of our two stair climbing trolleys (featured in my Fan Of… #64 post).

So back to footwear; by necessity, this has to be comfortable & capable of withstanding long distances (often our days out will see 10 miles or more covered). To become comfortable, I’ve found that shoes or boots need to be durable to attain the right level of comfort. These old Vans have certainly made the grade, to the point that they virtually have no tread left & the uppers are almost worn through in places — but comfortable, you’d better believe it!!!

Below are the new pair, barely a mark on the sole or uppers, but a lot to live up to.

Next are my everyday, go to footwear — my Merrels.

…and finally, for those tougher treks, my Trespass go anywhere, through anything boots.

8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112 — Pick a Word…

  1. Definitely in favour of comfort! I have bought the same pair of boots SIX times. All the ones I still have are worn out with all the tramping in lockdown, but when I looked up the manufacturer’s website they don’t make them any more. What am I going to do? Devastated!

    1. It’s always a shame when a manufacturer decides to stop making a really good product in favour of something more”up to date” which usally is another word for a cheaper product 😤

  2. Your Merrels remind me about my collage days, when I bought a pair just like them for the 1st time from my own pocket money and felt like King Of The World.
    My college buddies also bought the same and life felt so good.
    I really miss those days 🙂
    Your collection is certainly impressive, Jez 🙂

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