Wishes — Macro Monday Sep 21

Hi all 😃 My latest post for Macro Monday.


6 thoughts on “Wishes — Macro Monday Sep 21

  1. I wish I had that luxury! Our garden is small and needs to be well tended to for the wee one running around haha! I used to have a huge garden when I stayed in Bishopbriggs – about a 1/4 was wild….I even had frogs in it! That’s when my obsession for hoppers really started!

      1. We’ve only got edibles in our garden! Though next year will be getting bee-friendly flowers. Want to attract them, I love bees (sure I said before lol)

      2. We mow half our garden, but leave the rest to do it’s own thing & always get plenty of dandelions & daisys to keep the bees happy. We’ve a couple of hebes in the front that they seem to like as well 😃

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