Lift Off — On the Hunt for Joy Challenge

Hi all 😃 My entry for Cee’s On the Hunt For Joy challenge: Move for the Joy of it.

Lift Off


It's this way!
“It’s this way!”
"You'd better have my seed ready!"
“You’d better have my seed ready!”

Flying High

5 thoughts on “Lift Off — On the Hunt for Joy Challenge

  1. Wow such great photos. Love the cat <3 Looks so fluffy! Is it your cat? Haha yes I am a cat lover <3

    Love the bee too, those are so cute 😀

    1. Not our cat but a regular visitor to the garden. We like cats as well, although not when the squirrels are about. We have 2 squirrel feeders & they view our garden as a bit of a sanctuary, so we have to keep an eye on the cat. There was one incident when the cat had a go at a female squirrel who must have kittens back at the nest; she wasn’t happy & basically punched the cat on the nose & it left 😲

      1. Oh it is a nice cat! Yeah you must protect the squirrels at all costs. I have 3 cats, but all are indoors. I am forever trying to save the insects that get in or the woodlice or moths or whatever!

Great to hear your thoughts 😃