Stormtrooper Beer — Fan Of… #85

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This week’s Fan Of… is Stormtrooper Beer 😋

I have always been a huge fan of Star Wars since the originals back in the late 70s. Of all the characters, the much maligned Stormtroopers have always been my favourite, so, when I saw this beer on sale, with pint glass, I had to have it.

Stormtrooper Beer
Stormtrooper Beer

Had a bit of help from my lego guys to get in to it 😂

First, they had to get into the box!

Next was getting the bottle open.

The guys weren’t strong enough, so had to call in a Scout Walker.

Success, cheerz 😋 (One guy did get stuck in the bottle whilst checking there wasn’t any left 🤣)

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15 thoughts on “Stormtrooper Beer — Fan Of… #85

  1. Oh wow that is wonderful! I love your story here 😀 <3 Very creative 😀

    I am not a big Star Wars fan and other half nearly dumped me in the early stages of our relationship because of that….but he didn't know Bob Dylan, slag him about that all the time haha…..I mean come on :-O BUT I have been really enjoying The Mandalorian series, very good 😀

Great to hear your thoughts 😃