Sun Up — Lensball Style!

Hi all 😃 My entry for Becky’s January SquareUp challenge.

Sunrise in a lensball
Sunrise in a lensball

I prefer this next image uncroppped & have used it as such as the feature image for this post 😃

7 thoughts on “Sun Up — Lensball Style!

      1. I know…I’ll get around to it. We had some big expenses last year starting up the business. Frank is now faced with buying a new camera because his A7 is about to take a dump. He is probably going to get an adapter for his A6300 to fit his “E” lens. It’s a $300 investment rather than a $3000 investment. That would only be for the camera body. He has a nice 2.8 lens so we are not ready to give that up. 🙂

Great to hear your thoughts 😃