Silent Sunday Jan 10

Palacerigg Country Park

5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday Jan 10

  1. Amazing photo. I like that wee walk up there, most times I can get up there with the buggy haha!

    The horses used to live in there on the left, that is their summer field. And one day I was up there seeing them, the field on the other side of the road (if you can all it that), there were cows in there! I had never seen them before or since!!

    I was up twice today….one of the white ducks is missing. The old boy. I really fear the worst *sigh*. He wasn’t looking too great yesterday, but he was still eating.

      1. He can’t fly and a lot of them can’t. Most of the mallards can though, seen them in flight in the evenings!

        I found out today, what happened to him and he is doing well. Thank goodness, I was so worried.

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