A Dawn Walk With Lensy Pt 1 — Fan Of… #106

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This week’s Fan Of… is a dawn walk with Lensy.

Owing to lockdown restrictions & a high workload, I haven’t been out with Snappy (DSLR) & Lensy (lensball) since my visit to Palacrigg Country Park on New Years Day. I got the chance to get out last week & was up at Fannyside Lochs, within Palacerigg Country Park for sunrise. I took full advantage of clear conditions & plenty of posts & stumps to put Lensy on & took about 250 shots in total (don’t worry, they’re not all with lensy 🤣). I started up at the Lochs & then followed numerous trails back towards home. I’ve split up the walk into 3 distinct phases: Fannyside Lochs (today’s post), walking through the park (pt 2) & some woodland pics (pt 3).

Fannyside Lochs in a lensball
Fannyside Lochs in a lensball

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