This Week’s Bike Ride #1

Hi, all 😃 If you’ve seen my Kalkhoff E-Bikes — Fan Of… #115 post, you’ll know that my wife & I recently got these bikes & are using them to explore the local area. As I’ll be taking plenty of photographs on the trips, I thought I’d share some of these with you 😀

This week’s ride turned out to be a bit longer than anticipated; well, we knew the distance, but you can’t really get a feel for topography off 2D maps without contour lines 😂 The end result was 73km (46 miles) & plenty of hills 🥵 We headed out to Bo’ness & back using a mixture of canal paths, National Cycle Routes (NCR) & normal roads. Today was more about seeing how far we were comfortable going in one day, so not so many snaps.

Down at the Forth & Clyde Canal, it was still early & mist was sitting over the water’s surface.

Forth & Clyde Canal
Forth & Clyde Canal

As we got further along to Bonnybridge, a female mallard came over to show off her ducklings!

Having reached the Falkirk Wheel, we headed up onto the Union Canal & towards Polmont, passing by this beastie out for an early morning drink.

Having got to Polmont, we headed out to the coast & finally to Bo’ness. Lunch was pieces (sandwiches) on the southern shore of the Forth, courtesy of the local Lidl. There were great views west, back towards Grangemouth, north to the Ochil Hills, & east towards the bridges (unfortunately out of view around the coast 😩). As you can see, NeeNee & Godfrey were along for the ride as well 😃

Heading back, we linked up with NCR 76, which took us past Kinneil House & through Kinneil Park. I had to get some tree pics in for Becky’s upcoming July Squares.

Check out the signet on the right of this shot; he’s worthy of his own block 😂

Swan & signets
Swan & signets

Still on NCR 76, we climbed away from the coast a bit to a decent view point.

It was a hard slog, but totally worth it. We now know that we can go further & that our bikes are going to be perfect for taking us on 2-3 day touring holidays.

Until then, we aim to try & get out each week (weather & work dependent); so, keep an eye out for more posts in the future.

Hae a guid week 😃

…and finally, the perfect accompaniment 🤘

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  1. I am exhausted but had fun with the extra baggage as well. Those two don’t seem to pull their weight when out, just sit and enjoy the ride. It’s a shame that “Today was more about seeing how far we were comfortable going in one day, so not so many snaps.” Bloody hell Jez….how many more did you want of some fabulous images. 👌😃
    A pity the video wasn’t available for my part of the world 😢

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