Trees, Sunshine and Lensy — TreeSquare

Hi all 😃 My entry for Becky’s July TreeSquare.

This was a fun one to play with in editing.

First, the original.

Trees & sun in a lensball
Trees & sun in a lensball

…and now for the square crops, Lensy on the left first.

…and then the right.

…and finally, front & centre, zoomed in & inverted 🥸

14 thoughts on “Trees, Sunshine and Lensy — TreeSquare

  1. Nice edits! What is interesting ,to me, is that lensy has a 50/50 sky ground division. This makes it possible to place it on either side of the photo and it looks good. Then the inversion…. wow…that is so cool! Especially with the light refractions in lensy. Love it!!

    1. Thank you so much, Anne 😊 One of the reasons for the 50/50 split is so that the horizon doesn’t become distorted. I have noticed that if you have too much land in Lensy, it bulges the horizon upwards & vice versa if you have too much sky, it puts a dip in the horizon. It’s an interesting effect that I’ve yet to deliberatley explore — watch this space 😃

  2. Lensy certainly does offer a different perspective on life. I love the rays of sunshine he brings with him. 🙂

Great to hear your thoughts 😃