Trees Through a Tree — #TreeSquare July 30

Hi all 😃 My entry for Becky’s penultimate July TreeSquare (there’s still a 2 days left if you haven’t already joined in the fun, head on over to Becky’s site for the rules & post away 😉).

First, find a tree with a hole through the trunk & take some shots through it…

…then put Lensy in it, & take some more shots!

I was going to feature the next shots with Lensy in another post but, alas, we’re almost out of time on #TreeSquares so I’ve tagged them onto the end of this post.

12 thoughts on “Trees Through a Tree — #TreeSquare July 30

  1. Hard to find a tree with a hole that goes all the way through it – naturally. That one seems to be natural. Lensy was brave jumping in there. I think he was happier sitting on the log. I like the picture where the tree has eyes. Is that lensy? Do you have two of them now?

      1. I think it must have been a sun reflection as I only had Lensy with me that day, but that has given me an idea for when I’ve got both with me 🤔

Great to hear your thoughts 😃