Camera Bag Modification — Fan Of… #124

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This week’s Fan Of… is modifying Snappy’s camera bag to fit the Klickfix adapter on my bike. Since we got our Kalkhoff e-bikes, we’ve used them for all manner of purposes; short, local runs, including shopping & runs further afield to explore new places & get plenty of photos for mine & other challenges. From the outset we decided on a handlebar system by Klickfix to carry front baskets for our essentials; for me that’s Snappy with his 18-300mm zoom fitted, amongst other things.

I’d looked extensively at all manner of bags & baskets & settled on one that would comfortably hold him, his spare lens etc. The basket I got had a zippable lid & raincover, the inside also had bottle loops that were ideal for securing lenses. The only downside was that Snappy had to sit on his body with the lens pointing up. This meant that I had to lift him out by the lens which I was not a fan of.

I looked far & wide for a bag specifically for a DSLR, but drew a blank. This led to me modifying my existing shoulder case with a Klickfix mounting plate to fit the adapter 😃

DSLR bag modified for Klickfix handlebar adapter
DSLR bag modified for Klickfix handlebar adapter

Once I got the bits & pieces together, it was reasonably straightforward surgery on the bag. I cut open the inside & removed the padding to give me access to where the inner section of the mounting plate would be. I knew I had to stiffen the back of the bag & to do this used thin plastic stripping, layered for strength which would fit into the rear pouch.

Layered plastic “stiffener” with mounting plates
Stiffener inserted into rear pouch & marked with mounting plate
Holes drilled on insert
Insert taped to improve rigidity
Mounting plate fixed through stiffener onto internal plate
Foam padding reinserted
Top taped up & lens holders back in place
Ready for the next ride

The next series of shots show Snappy, happy in his home, mounted on the handlebars. With my modified bag on the Klickfix system, I am able to stop & grab Snappy if something catches my eye, as well as when we get somewhere, un-mount the bag & carry it as normal.

Camera bag modified to sit on Klickfix adapter
Camera bag modified to sit on Klickfix adapter

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