Kelpie — Monday Portrait Oct 04

This is a fun challenge not hosted by anyone, so if you want to join in just post a photo.

Kelpie up close
Kelpie up close

13 thoughts on “Kelpie — Monday Portrait Oct 04

  1. when I last visited Scotland these had just been erected but not yet open. I would love to return and photograph them. I just think it is a beautiful monument.

      1. Hi, Andrew. The Kelpies are said to be shape shifting water spirits. The two at the Helix represent the lineage of the heavy horse that formed the backbone of Scottish industry and economy, pulling the wagons, ploughs, barges, and coalships 😃

      2. O I think I get it now – I have heard of Shape Shifters(Water Spirits) but the fact that we have dog’s here called Kelpies keeps throwing me. – OK was the heavy horse like a Cart Horse, Shire Horse or the like?

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