Being Seen — Fan Of… #138

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Owing to it being silly season at work for the next 3 weeks, I will be taking a short break from WWE & Fan Of… Both will return on the 3rd January 2022.

Until then, take care, stay safe, happy Yule & have a great New Year 🎉

This weeks Fan Of.. is being seen whilst out on our bikes. We go everywhere on our bikes, even at this time of year; if the roads & paths aren’t icy, we still use our bikes to go sightseeing & do the shopping with our trailer.

Stormy with trailer at the supermarket
Stormy with trailer at the supermarket

This often involves being out before sunrise to beat the crowds, so being seen is all important to us, as you will see 😂

The shot above shows the very bright lights mounted on the front of the bike that run off the main battery. The front basket also has a reflective patch that shows up well in headlights.

On the rear of the bikes are more bright LED taillights & we use luminous & reflective covers on our back boxes (these also fit over our back packs if needed). Our phone covers on the handlebars are also luminous.

Our helmets are also luminous & we’ve fitted rear LEDs on them as well for extra visibility. These can be either fixed red or flash to highlight our presence. The trailer we use came with rear reflectors, but obscure the bike’s taillight so I modified & fitted some rear lights to the top cross bar.

Rear lights fitted to trailer
Rear lights fitted to trailer

…and finally, onto clothing. I think this final pic speaks, or should I say shouts, for itself 🤣

Being seen
Being seen

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