Garden Macros #1 — Fan Of… #166

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This week’s Fan Of… is garden macros.


The last two weeks have been pretty grim for my wife & I; we’ve both had very bad flu (despite last years flu jags). Unlike some of the idiots out there who knowingly have Covid, but still go travelling & carrying on as if nothing is wrong (mini-rant over 🧐), we put ourselves into isolation so as not to pass what we had onto anyone else. One big downside was we missed our daily 1 -2 mile walk where I normally get most of my flower pics. To keep myself out of mischief, I got Snappy & his macro lens & spent time in the garden. As is normal, I took way too many photos & so have pared them down to my favourites. There are still about 80, so I’ll be posting them over the next 4 weeks.

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Hae a guid week 😁

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