S Flowers — FOTD Oct 02

Hi all 😃 My latest post for Cee’s FOTD & Judy’s Floral Alphabet Challenge.

Today’s line up are St John’s Wort, Stinking Willy, Sweet Mock Orange, Scotch Broom & Snowdrops 😃

4 thoughts on “S Flowers — FOTD Oct 02

  1. Your flowers bring back memories. We had an entire hillside of St. John’s Wort on the incline below our house in California that I lived in before moving to Mexico…and my husband and I once had to pull over and get a motel room on the way to a show because I got such a bad migraine from driving through a mountain pass that had Scotch broom on both sides of the road. I slept for six hours and then we drove on and had to spend all night setting up our show to be in time for opening the next day. Ah the memories sparked just by the naming of a flower.

Great to hear your thoughts 😃