Handlebar Jacks — Fan Of… #182

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This week’s Fan Of… is handlebar jacks or handlebar stands.

Anyone with a bike has probably, at some point, had to upend their bike at home or even worse, out on a ride to repair a puncture or replace a tyre or inner tube. That’s where these jacks come in very handy.

Handlebar jacks
Handlebar jacks

For maintanence at home, I have a heavy duty stand that lifts the back of the bike off the ground so I can work on the gears, brakes or wheels/tyres. The stand is way to big & heavy to carry on rides, but these wee guys are perfect. If, like me, you carry a lot of gear on the handlebars (phone-holder, bell, bottle holder, mirrors), as well as the head unit for the bikes pedal-assist system, you can’t easily invert the bike to work on.

These jacks simply attach onto the handlebars with adjustable velcro straps.

You can then invert the bike so it rests on the jacks & the saddle, allowing any reapirs to be made.

Once finished with, the jacks fold back up…

…and connect to one another using magnets.

This next pic shows the jacks with a standard bike muti-tool for size comparison. Wheighing just 121g, they are perfct for carrying in a pocket or saddle bag for any occasion.

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