Blissful Blue — Sunday Stills

Hi all 😃 My latest entry for Terri’s Sunday Stills: #Blue.

For me, blue is a kaleidoscope of cheer & positivity that infuse life with boundless optimism & wonder.

Starting off with my good friends, the Kelpies; they love a bright blue sky.

Next is a cheerful blues gallery that will brighten the dullest days.

Lensy has a great talent for enhancing the colour blue.

…and of course the perfect accompaniment 😃

18 thoughts on “Blissful Blue — Sunday Stills

  1. Love the song, Jez and your incredible gallery of blues! I love when you feature the kelpies. Where in Scotland can one see these? Definitely on my list of things to see when we visit some day!

  2. Wonderful array of blues Jez, I’ve only seen the Kelpie Statues from a moving car. They look wonderful against that blue sky

    1. Thanks, Alison 😊 We also mostly saw them from a moving car because Google Maps always took us to the wrong place when we tried to visit them 😩

    1. Thanks, Karen 😊 The angle I took the shot from curves the horizon/background around the upper edge of Lensy; it does make it look like he has a cap on 😃

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