Floral Clock — Photographing Public Art

Hi, all 👋 My latest post for Natalie’s #PPAC.

This Floral Clock is a large-scale, decorative timepiece in Edinburgh. It can be found by the stairs leading down in to West Princes Street Gardens & has been created from flowers since 1903. I took the shots below at different times & you can see that this is a fully functioning clock 😃

13 thoughts on “Floral Clock — Photographing Public Art

  1. Jez, That floral clock is gorgeous. I love the colours and the details in the inner circles of the clock. I hope to visit Edinburgh next year. Thank you for your PPAC contribution.

  2. I had a mate, a gardener, who maintained a floral clock with the most amazing plants. One day he asked me if I had a minute, could I give him a hand in a second. 😁

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