Autumn Leafs — Sunday Stills

Hi all 😃 My latest entry for Terri’s Sunday Stills: #Leaves of Autumn & Spring.

Autumn Trees
Autumn Trees

It’s been a bit of a wet autumn here, so very little chance to get out with the camera. I’ve put together the following gallery from the rare, bright autumnal days we did have 🍁

9 thoughts on “Autumn Leafs — Sunday Stills

  1. I like those single leaves on the ground. Wonderful. — I’m having my problems with wordpress. Because they changed the “visit” button and the little drop down menue is different with different sites I managed to block your site. Eeeeeeek!! I could undo the damage after a little, lucky me.

      1. I had to switch my theme because gallery didn’t work anymore. Annoying. I’m not really happy with the new look but I tried so many … Some the gallery was messed up as well (apparently many of the older themes have that problem which is what Ludwig from Monday Window told me) , others didn’t display my pictures in old blogs at all. Finally, I settled.

  2. Truly a stunning gallery, Jez and the perspectives of the leaves at ground level are delightful! Now that most of our leaves are laying on the ground, I’ll have to capture a few more like that!

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