Art on the Beach — #PPAC #7

Hi all 😃 My entry for the Photographing Public Art Challenge #7, set this week by Marsha.

My wife & I came across these small pieces of art made from driftwood, stones & shells whilst walking on Broughty Ferry Beach, just outside of Dundee 😀 It’s fun to imagine who made these little master pieces & did they survive the next high tide 🤔

Joy of a walk on a Beach — Friendly Friday Jan 07

Hi all 😁 Here’s my entry for Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge: Simple Joys.

Nothing can beat the simple joy of a long walk on the beach with my wife, no matter the weather 😁

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Water Water Everywhere Photo Challenge Aug 08

My first entry for Granny Shot It new challenge: Water Water Everywhere. Thought I’d go for as much water as possible in this one, short of throwing myself in the estuary 🤣

Tay Estuary/Firth of Tay by Jez Braithwaite from Broughty Ferry Beach
Firth of Tay

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #56 — Seascapes and/or Lakeshore

Hi all, must be Sunday, with another weekly challenge up! Thanks to Amy for the topic this week and for sharing her fantastic images with us all.

I have a strong affinity with the sea having worked on it for twenty years, and always find myself drawn back to it; be it in good weather or bad.

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Broughty Ferry Beach

Following on from my last post about beach art, here are a few more photos from down on the beach. Although the weather was not the best, this is still a great place to be. It was quiet and peaceful but this is probably more to do with the timing of our mid-week visit and the showery weather.

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Beach Art Broughty Ferry

Having been into Dundee itself, my wife and I headed along the north shore of the Tay Estuary to Broughty Ferry Beach and parked down at the Esplanade car park. Whilst walking along the beach we came across what I would call “beach art”. I don’t know if this is the proper term for these or who created these awesome pieces, but I thank them anyway for improving our day.

There will be some more photos to follow from our trip to the beach, but I thought these pieces of art warranted their own mention.