A Closer Look at the Familiar — CMMC

Hi all 😃 My entry for Cee's Midweek Madness Challenge: March Close Up or Macro. I thought I'd do some macros of a familiar object! Canon EFS 18-55mm zoom lens On these last two shots I was varying the aperture to see the effect; the one on the left has a very narrow field of … Continue reading A Closer Look at the Familiar — CMMC

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #99 — Old and New

Hi all 😁 My entry for Amy's LAPC Challenge: Old & New. Some old & new we are all familiar with. My old SLR & new(er) DSLR Old & new Canon Old & new watch Pocket watch & Apple watch

Fan Of… #8 — Lens Mug

This was a great gift from my wife; an insulated mug that looks like a Canon 100mm Macro Lens. The lens hood is a cookie holder, and the little selectors on the side actually move. Definitely NOT a fan of the last pic, an empty coffee mug; I'm off to the kitchen 😂 Canon lens … Continue reading Fan Of… #8 — Lens Mug

Fan Of… Daily Post #5 — Canon Rebel T1i

Meet Snappy, he has been my partner in photographic crime coming on almost a decade now. I bought him at the beginning of 2010 and he was my first, and thus far, only DSLR. After much searching on-line, I came across a site that was selling factory refurbishments. He basically had an issue, was sent … Continue reading Fan Of… Daily Post #5 — Canon Rebel T1i

Fan Of… Daily Post #4 — Sigma 18-300mm Lens

My wife bought me this lens a couple of years ago and it straight away made photographic life much easier. Prior to this, I had a standard 18-55mm lens, and an 18-200mm zoom. This meant carrying both lenses around with me, and swapping them around depending on the shot I was going for. The 18-300mm … Continue reading Fan Of… Daily Post #4 — Sigma 18-300mm Lens

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge — Back of Things

Vehicles -- Old and New Ford Mustang Ships The Glenlee (The Tall Ship) Waverley Paddle Steamer Arria Arria Picture Frame Insects Something We're All Familiar With Canon Rebel T1i Camera Lens And Finally The back of a ball, or the side, or the front, or the top... 🤔