Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #58 — Something Old, New Borrowed and Blue

A great challenge this week from Patti 😁

Something Old

This is the 16th Century Dovecote (Doocot in Scots), in the Glen, Cumbernauld.

Something New

The Riverside Museum on the banks of the Clyde in Glasgow, is the new Transport Museum.

Borrowed and Blue

Whilst in Malibu, this was my wife’s bike, aptly named Blue. I occasionally borrowed it to get to Malibu Country Mart.

Cumbernauld House Park Part 2: The Park

Following on from Part 1: The House, this post is about Cumbernauld House Park itself and some of it’s surrounds. Great for a quick walk in all weathers or spending more time in the sun.

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Cumbernauld House Park Part 1: The Castle and House

One of the great places to visit in Cumbernauld is Cumbernauld House Park. My wife and I are regular visitors to the park, which is popular with many locals with or without dogs. The park is steeped in history and covers an extensive area, hence the three posts. This first deals with the original castle and the house. The second will be of the park itself and scenery, and the third, the Glen.

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