Cumbernauld House Park Part 2: The Park

Following on from Part 1: The House, this post is about Cumbernauld House Park itself and some of it’s surrounds. Great for a quick walk in all weathers or spending more time in the sun.

Cumbernauld House Park comprises of a large area of open grassland, interlaced with good paths. It is a favourite with picnickers during the summer months, and dog walkers all year round. Around the grassy area are numerous enjoyable walks on decent paths through the local woodland with plenty of flora and fauna to enjoy. These sheltered forested walks can really take the edge off the heat on the hotter days. There are plenty of direction boards and historic info boards dotted around the Glen and in the park.

These first few photos are from around the outside of the park.

The park has a claim to fame; for those who don’t know, the film Gregory’s Girl, a 1981 coming-of-age romantic comedy was partially filmed in the park. The remains of the large oak tree featured in some of the scenes in the film remain.

Within the park.

There is plenty of colour provided with the wild growing flowers; particularly rhodedendron, lots and lots of rhodedendrons.

And finally, some dogs. Whilst at the park there were a couple of Afghans running around which was great to see. Also, a random dog (last two pics) decided to attach itself to me for 10-15 minutes until it’s owner finally materialised and tempted it away with treats (I think it just wanted to be in the photos) 😁.

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