Heading to Work

Hi all 😃 My entry for Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Early

Early morning mist
Early morning mist


Hi all 😃 My entry for Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Wet.

Drookit means wet in Scots. Scotland, particularly the west, is known to be quite wet, maybe this is why the Scots language has so many words for it. Wet adjective weet, wat, weetie, sappie; (soaking wet) drookit, sypit, wat as muck; (rainy) saft, blashie, plowterie; (very wet: of weather) trashie; wet & windy blashie, brashie, gowsterie. (taken from the Concise English-Scots Dictionary by The Scottish National Dictionary Association). For anyone else interested in the Scots language, there is an online dictionary ☞ here.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning…

It's gonna rain 😂
It’s gonna rain 😂

…and finally, the perfect example of gowsterie 😂 My wife on a wet & windy day at Peterhead seafront. Raining hard, jacket inflated by gale force winds & still smiling!

Arches Arches Everywhere

Hi all 😃 My entry for Debbie’s OWS: Arch.

Arbroath Abbey

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Distance Within a City — OWS

Hi all 😃 Here’s my entry for Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Distance.

The River Clyde, as it runs through Glasgow towards the Clyde Estuary, allows long distance views from within the city 😀

River Clyde
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