On Top of a Hill — One Word Sunday

Hi all 😃 My latest post for Debbie’s OWS: High.

5 thoughts on “On Top of a Hill — One Word Sunday

  1. Old buildings or structure on top of the hills and mountains are really incredible. Dramatic views and the commendable effort to build them in such difficult places!

  2. Dear Jez, I appreciate seeing places approximately close to Old England, especially in Monochrome.
    Now, I have a question: using my phone I can’t find the right place to change an email for a blog. Recently google hijacked an account and spammed my followers. I have created another address except I cannot find the right place to change it. No one is getting anything and nothing is coming in. Do I need to change the email for each site I follow? My WordPress is free.

    1. Hi, Andrew 👋 If you go to the home page & then the quick links section, there’s an “add e-mail” button; this allows you to manage your e-mails. You won’t need to change e-mail for each site you follow. My other suggestion would be to use the WordPress help function; this resolves about 95% of problems I encounter. Hope this helps 🤞

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