Peace Cairn — Sculpture Saturday

Hi all 😁 Here's my entry for Mind Over Memory's Sculpture Saturday. The Peace Cairn by Elspeth Bennie can be found in Bellahouston Park, at the front of the House for an Art Lover. The stone peace cairn was erected for the 1838 Empire Exhibition and has numerous shaped blocks of stone within it, on … Continue reading Peace Cairn — Sculpture Saturday

Pull up a Sculpture

Hi all 😁 This is a 2fer; my entry for Xingfumama's Pull Up a Seat Week 46 and Mind Over Memory's Sculpture Saturday. These seats/sculptures are all part of the Sculpture Park, within Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. One Foot Taller The seats in the form of jelly moulds are made from recycled rubber flooring, the type … Continue reading Pull up a Sculpture

Arria — Sculpture Saturday

Hi all 😁 Arria is my entry for Mind Over Memory's Sculpture Saturday. Arria stands above the northbound M80, just outside Cumbernauld. The poem, Watershed, by Jim Carruth, is inscribed a round the base of the statue.

Nappy Pin

Hi all 😁 This is my entry for Mind Over Memory's Sculpture Saturday. This huge nappy pin sits at the site of the old Rottenrow Maternity Hospital in Glasgow. Nappy pin in Rottenrow Gardens

Sculpture Saturday Week 6 — Declaration of Arbroath Statue

Hi all 😁 My entry for chasingamemory's Sculpture Saturday challenge. The Declaration of Arbroath statue stands on the main road into Arbroath. The two figures on the plinth are Bernard, Abbot of Arbroath, who in April 1320 oversaw the drafting of the declaration, and Robert “The Bruce”, King of Scots.